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GraphPad Prism 7/8 破解安装

GraphPad Prism 7安装



 ——-  How To  Install? ——– 1- Open [InstallPrism7.exe] and install the software.2- Do not open the program. Close it completely.3- Copy “Patch.exe” to installation directory.4- Run the patch as admin and do the patch.5- When asked, use this s/n : GPS-0320559-LFUL-952426- Activate using : ACTGP-01337000-00133700-00133700-001337007- That’s all. Enjoy the final full version.

GraphPad Prism 8安装






GraphPad Prism 9.1安装


1. During the registration process the program will open a link to its
homesite and it will contains some info about your system.

So better be safe than sorry and disable your Internet connection
before anything.

2. Install Prism.

3. You *ABSOLUTLY* need to block Prism main executable (prism.exe) from
accessing Internet!

Either by blocking it in firewall or by adding this line to Windows
hosts file(Default path: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc):

If the program is not properly blocked from accessing Internet
you’ll get an error on launch (and it will exit):

“This is not a valid license.”

If that happens you need to review your setup.

4. Start our keygen and generate a serial number.

5. Start Prism and process to the activation:

Copy/paste the serial from the keygen in the “Serial number” field,
click “Next Step”.

The program will show you your Machine ID and open an URL to the
activation online form.

Enter the Machine ID in the keygen then press “Generate Activation Code”.

In Prism, press “Enter Activation Code”, copy/paste the code in the
“Activation Code” field, check to accept the EULA, press “Start Using Prism”.

Prism is now activated.

6. Copy “start_prism.exe” in the program folder (where “prism.exe” is located).
The default path is:

“C:\Program Files\GraphPad\Prism 9”

Create a shortcut in a handy place for it ie: on the Desktop or in the QuickLaunch Bar).

Use it to start Prism every time you want to use it. This will update your license file
on each run so it never force you to go online to activate.

5 Replies to “GraphPad Prism 7/8/9 破解安装”

  1. “You *ABSOLUTLY* need to block Prism main executable (prism.exe) from
    accessing Internet!”
    9.1 设置的时候, 注意VPN, 有的VPN或VPS设置可绕过防火墙和hosts限制,导致Prism连接上服务器,进而无法使用

      1. 破解了之后还这样吗,这几个版本我都试过,都可以正常使用的,还有问题可以加我微信,简历里有微信二维码


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